3 Replies to “Shame in the Low-Morale Experience”

  1. Love where this is going. For me, I’ve begun to try to look at shaming practices — those moments when librarians and Library administrators take actions or use language that shames other librarians. I like the focus on workload; in my day to day work the amount of things I’m supposed to do and respond to seems off the charts for my own ability to keep up, but there’s no place to take that to. Also, personally I have focused on gratitude and recognition: recognizing what I do get accomplished (a lot!) and noticing what it is I am grateful for in my coworkers and verbally and otherwise trying to give them gratitude and recognition.


  2. I also very much appreciate Fobazi Ettarh’s concept of “vocational awe.” It’s a very useful focus, so useful to even notice that it exists, and to question it. Thank you Fobazi Ettarh!


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