#hurrayoftheday: 79

I’ve been at my new gig for about 8 months now. Last week state employees were recalled – with very little notice –  to return to their in situ workplaces.  As a result, I’ve just this past week finally met all of my team members in person. 

In my new role, I’ve  had a uniquely challenging first year — doing what I can to navigate and stay healthy during a global pandemic, learning a new job, bridging the gap between my experience of my alma mater as a student and now, as a leader, and trying to get to know my library/archives team members and campus leadership colleagues via Zoom/Google Hangout/Teams.  I am a Classic Introvert,  so, while I’ve been enjoying the opportunities that remote work allow me to recharge from social interaction, I still feel at a significant disadvantage since in the virtual/online world, I cannot fully use my talents to bridge interpersonal gaps. That being said, I’ve been doing all I can to apply my morale research data and my own experiences to show my empathetic leadership style, which is evident in my mission and which inform my What I Wish Had Been Done For Me protocols.  I’ve not been sure at all if what I’m doing has been working.  And yet, today, I received the following email from one of my team members:

It feels very nice to be appreciated. I was just telling someone yesterday that you make us feel appreciated and how much that meant to me! I’ve only been back [one] week and you have shared joy with me AT LEAST 3 times. Thank you so much for lifting our spirits around here.

Again, thank you so much! Your kindness is appreciated more than you know!

Later when I went to visit them (physically distanced and masked), they also said, “I can tell that you’re trying. It really means a lot to us.”

It is really really nice as a leader for your team members to give such encouragement. As I often sign-off – I will keep going.

One Reply to “#hurrayoftheday: 79”

  1. I somehow didn’t realize you hadn’t met your team in person before! What a nice email to have received from one of the people on your team. I absolutely love that they mentioned, “….you have shared joy with me AT LEAST 3 times.” The dean where I work started in January 2020, and then we all went home in March 2020. Your post has inspired me to write nice thank you cards for my dean and colleagues before I go on maternity leave next week! Thank you.


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