Today’s Video: Jonghyun – Take The Dive

Jonghyun (Kim Jong-hyun) performing “Take the Dive” at his INSPIRED concert, December 9, 2017.

Today is the three-year mark of Jonghyun’s passing. His creativity continues, his influence is visible, and I miss him.

Take the Dive (from Jonghyun’s posthumous album, Poet | Artist)

The sound of my breath had stopped without knowing
That’s when I discovered you
All of the coincidences fell into your ocean in the end
I will take the dive
This small bathtub feels deep today
Singing na na na na na
I’m thinking of you
Then I’m diving

Take the dive
Take the dive (woo woo woo)
Take the dive (woo)

I’m dreaming with my eyes open
Breathing in your air

When my small world met yours
Then the waves arose
Just one laugh
Colors in my once colorless heart
I will take the dive
The strange tide feels deeper today
Singing na na na na na
I hesitated for a second
Then I’m diving

Today’s Video: Hozier

During a recent facilitation prep, an attendee recommended “anything by Hozier.” I randomly picked something from the Youtube search results list – this song. Now, I’m in The Hozier Hole. I’ve enjoyed almost every song I’ve heard from him as I’ve continued to randomly pick songs. 

Thanks for the recommedation, whoever you are!

#Recognize: Cristina D. Ramirez, MPA, MSLS, MA


Cristina completed her M.S.L.S. at The Catholic University of America and is currently employed as Library Manager I at Henrico County Public Library. There, Cristina is an assistant manager of a large library in the system. She also engages in service work: she is Chair of the Multicultural Committee and a member of the Equitability Task Force.

Describe a current project or idea that you’re working on or have recently completed.

I am working on finishing my dissertation for my doctorate in Educational Leadership. The focus is on providing excellent library services to Latinx in Central Virginia.

Finish this sentence: “One way the LIS profession can improve or progress is…”

…Place emphasis on creating a pipeline to hire more LIS professors, instructors and faculty. We need staff that looks, sounds, and feels like us to create the next generation of diverse leaders and broaden the field in all ways. 

Share a useful tool or application that you use in your work or non-work life.

Walking. Lots of walking to clear my head. [I] take breaks and walk around the library or outside and walk my dog every day. [I also] talk to my family in Spanish every day to feel grounded and remember the strength I have and where I come from.

If you are a creator/maker, what do you make, and how does that creativity help or inspire your library practice?

I work as a diversity consultant outside of my LIS role. I help to make safe and inclusive spaces where staff from other organizations can discuss issues of race and equity.

What music/artist/song are you currently into?

I am listening to Jewish music by Hasidim of color. Nissim Black.


#hurrayoftheday: 74

About two weeks ago I offered a virtual presentation titled, “People In, People Out: The Promises and Pitfalls of EDI Promotion in Academic Libraries” at the Kentucky Library Association’s 2020 Conference.

Today I received feedback on my talk:

“The speaker’s message was so inspiring. I appreciate that she said we would learn so much from our failures.”

“The presentation was a treasure! It was an equal mix of inspiration and practical ideas I can implement at my library. I needed this right now.”

“Excellent speaker. I think that this is probably the best presentation that I’ve seen at a KLA event.”

“She was amazing! I loved her approach to this topic.”

“Thank you to the presenter for showing and discussing examples of the successes and failures she and her colleagues went through at the library…[her ideas for engagement] were great.”

Things have been so hectic. It was very comforting and affirming to receive this unexpected feedback today. I’m pulled back into my sphere of gratefulness.

Study Invitation: Low Morale in Formal Library Leaders

UPDATE 11/9/20: This invitation is now closed. Thank you for your interest. Be sure to visit Renewals for study updates.

Kendrick’s studies reveal and validate that low morale is the result of repeated and protracted exposure to emotional, verbal/written, and systemic abuse or neglect in the workplace (Kendrick 2017; Kendrick & Damasco 2019). However, there remains a significant dearth of information on formal leaders’ experience of low morale in library organizations.  Research is needed to understand how low morale manifests for and impacts this group of practitioners.

 If you are:

  1. a credentialed (earned the MLIS or equivalent) librarian who
  2. has experienced low morale as defined above while employed as a formal library leader (defined as a position that has formal supervisory, administrative, and/or managerial duties),

you are invited to participate in a research study designed to: 1) to discover the emotional trajectories of and physiological impacts of low morale on library leaders, 2) to identify professional, social, institutional, or political systems, policies, or practices that cause or impact the development of this group’s low-morale experience, and 3) to discover how these causes/impacts, systems, or practices and emotional and physiological changes are identified, mitigated or resolved through myriad cognitive, physical, verbal, or other processes and actions.

This study is investigated by Kaetrena Davis Kendrick (Dean, Dacus Library & Pettus Archives, Winthrop University).

If you choose to participate, I will conduct a telephone interview with you that will last 45-60 minutes, and you will also be asked to complete a brief survey which should only take 5-6 minutes to complete. Survey responses will be anonymous and kept separately from interview responses. Interviews will be confidential and participants will not be identified personally.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary. If you are interested in participating, please contact me directly by phone or email to set up a telephone appointment. If you know of anyone else who might be eligible and who is interested in participating, please feel free to forward this invitation to them.

Principal Investigator contact information:

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick at 803.323.2232;

If you have questions about this study, you may contact the researcher at the contact points listed above. If you have questions or concerns about your rights as a participant in this research study, you may contact Winthrop University’s Grants and Sponsored Research Development Office at 803.323.2460.

Thanks for your interest in and support of this study.

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick, M.S.L.S.

#Recognize: Nicole Minor, M.L.I.S.


Nicole is Acquisitions and Cataloging Coordinator at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System. In her role, she purchases and prepares materials to make sure they are available for public access. She received her M.L.S. from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Complete the following sentence: “I am a librarian because…”

…I want to express the importance of reading and how the knowledge found within books can help anyone live a fulfilled life.

Describe a current project or idea that you’re working on or have recently completed.

During the quarantine, I began working with a board that had artwork on it that I no longer liked. I used sandpaper to get it ready for painting and later realized I probably did not need to do that part. So, eventually I got around to painting it with a light green chalk paint. Then, I decorated it with an orange glitter applique and yellow confetti around the boarder. I wrote a book saying (“The world was hers for the Reading” by Betty Smith) in chalk on the board and hung it up in my sitting room/mini library.

Share a career decision. What did you learn about yourself in terms of your career?

I was previously an English teacher for over twelve years. When I stopped teaching, I knew that I didn’t want to do anything else that I didn’t love. Books, reading, libraries, etc. was all I knew and loved, so it was a natural progression for me to venture into this career space. I learned about myself that paying attention to the demographics of my community is important when I make acquisition decisions. It is important to me that I listen openly to requests for titles and/or select titles that really give the community a chance to expand their horizons to topics they otherwise may not have thought about.

Finish this sentence: “A challenge that I face as a librarian of color is…”

… when Caucasian patrons come into the library to ask a question, they immediately go to my Caucasian co-worker or they will wait until a Caucasian co-worker is present before they come up to ask the question. It is almost like they think I do not have the capability or the smarts to answer their question because of the color of my skin.

Finish the following sentence: “I am happy when I…”

…can sit in my favorite chair and read uninterrupted for at least 3 hours straight. I get a chance to escape my current reality and live in the pages of my character’s lives which is usually way more exciting than my own.


Work Family: A Poem.

Here, we’re like a family

We care about your health and well-being

Keep up those revenues, no matter what.

Who will do that if you go on vacation?

The virus is spreading and we are open. Report to work.


Here, we’re like a family

We don’t tolerate abuse and harassment

David was just joking – don’t take things so personally.

Wow, that’s a long name. I’ll call you Moe.

You’ll do these extra tasks, or else. Report to work.


Here, we’re like a family

We support your efforts and processes

Do more with less.

A computer can do that, right?

We don’t have enough cleaning supplies. Report to work.

Here, we’re like a family

Don’t mention your actual family…


Treat me like a known stranger

Offer me empathy, kindness, humor.

Some grace.

Receive me gingerly, walk me through —

Anticipate my concerns, consider my questions.

Do I need a chair? A drink of water?

A moment to catch my breath?

Ask after my mother (and them).

Treat me with respect.

Treat me like a Being.

Unrelated to you,  

Angels, unaware.

– KDK 2020