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Today’s Video

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Kim Jonghyun‘s passing.  He is missed and I miss his creativity, kindness, and humility. You did well, Jonghyun.

End of a Day                                                                                                                                (written by Kim Jonghyun)

Hold out your hand, wrap it around my neck.
A little below, massage my shoulders
At the end of a tiring day.
Even if the sun has already come up
I’m finally closing my eyes.


I close the door to my day later than others.
Playfully tickle my earlobe
Because even though we’ve been in different worlds all day
We always end the day together.


Your small shoulders, your small hands
Become my cozy blanket at the end of a tiring day.
You did a good job today, you worked so hard.
I hope my shoulders and my thick hands
Will become cozy comfort.
For the end of your tiring day as well.
I want to naturally sync my breathing with yours


Like water in a bathtub that wraps around you
With no space left,
I wanna warmly hold you without any space left.
At the end of my day, filled with awkward mistakes
You, my prize, are waiting for me


Your small shoulders, your small hands
Become my cozy blanket at the end of a tiring day.
You did a good job today, you worked so hard.
I hope my shoulders and my thick hands
Will become cozy comfort
For the end of your tiring day as well.
I want to naturally sync my breathing with yours.


I can’t cry all I want or even laugh all I want.
At the end of a tiring day but still, if I’m next to you
Like a child, I can whine and then laugh
Till I run out of breath.
I’m not used to seeing myself like this.


You did a good job today, you worked so hard.
You are my prize.




  1. Blue*
  2. Your Scent
  3. Under the Starlight
  4. Sign
  5. Illusion
  6. Shine on You
  7. Timepiece

*Title track

Note: Onew (Lee Jin-ki) is the leader of and main vocal for the group SHINee. Voice is Onew’s first solo album, which he released as a gift to fans before his mandatory military service in South Korea (Republic of Korea). Onew is scheduled to enlist with ROK’s Military Manpower Administration on December 10, 2018.

Today’s Video

SHINee’s three-part comeback ends with their “The Story of Light: EP 3” which was dropped today and includes the lead song, “네가 남겨둔 말 (Our Page)” (Things Unspoken (Our Page”) –  a song written by Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin in tribute to Jonghyun, who passed away last December.

I’ve not watched the entire thing yet. The “acting” in the first minute is too spot-on.



SHINee, “The Story of Light EP. 1: The 6th Album” (2018)


  1. All Day All Night**
  2. 데리러 가 (Good Evening)*
  3. Undercover**
  4. JUMP
  5. 안녕 (You & I) 

*Title/Lead Track

** Favorite!

NOTE: This album is 1) is part of a three-CD release campaign in celebration of the group’s ten-year anniversary (May 25, 2008) and 2) the first release after the passing of group member/main vocal Jonghyun (Kim Jong-hyun; #고인의 명복을 빕니다). I was worried about if/how they would treat Jonghyun’s voice in these track/releases; so far it’s been appropriate considering the main audience is not Western. You can hear Jonghyun clearly playing his secondary role – ad-lib/sensuality King – in tracks 1 and 3. It’s simultaneously jolting, saddening, and comforting.

Ultimately, though, the SHINee sound is still intact and far from disappointing. In fact, I hear vocal ranges that we’ve never heard from Onew, Taemin, and Key, and Minho does more singing, which traditionally, he has done very little. I’m looking forward to EPs. 2 and 3 in the coming weeks.

“Together as four, we will move forward as five.” – Lee Jinki (Onew), SHINee Leader (May 2018)



Oh Wonder, “Oh Wonder” (2015)


  1. Livewire*
  2. Body Gold
  3. Technicolour Beat
  4. Drive*
  5. Lose It
  6. Landslide
  7. White Blood
  8. Without You*
  9. The Rain*
  10. Dazzle
  11. All We Do*
  12. Midnight Moon
  13. Shark
  14. Heart Hope
  15. Plans


More about Oh Wonder.

SHINee’s Back.


Today (or, “yesterday” in Japan), SHINee performed their first concert without Jonghyun. It’s been less than two months since he passed away. The show began at 5:25 p.m. with a set-list of their most popular Korean and Japanese songs. The twenty-fifth song they performed was the Japanese version of their Korean debut song, “누나 너무 예뻐” (Nuna Neomu Yeppo/Older Lady, You’re So Pretty). The concert’s start time and the placing of this song is significant to members of SHINee and SHINee World.

It is highly unlikely SM Entertainment/SM Entertainment Japan will release this performance, even though social media footage seem to show that it was being taped. However, social media sites offer live-Tweets of the action, and fancams share performance clips. Fans get a sense of SHINee members understandably wavering at the beginning and quickly settling into their usual push towards excellence as the concert continues. They seem to gather strength from the fans (who, in turn, seem to be working diligently to give it to them).

“No one can replace Jonghyun hyung’s position. We want to let everyone know that SHINee’s stages in the future will always be together with Jonghyun.” – Choi Minho (January 8, 2018)

In most cases, song and choreography have been modified only where absolutely necessary. No back-up dancers cover for Jonghyun. Fan accounts state that the group performed “Everybody” – one of their most intricate choreographies requiring all five members – without an extra dancer.

In addition to “missing man” formations, the show is peppered with activities keeping the spirit of Jonghyun on stage: his singing parts play without edit; special “ments” (films/vignettes in show breaks) about Jonghyun; and the like. As a particular tribute, SHINee performed a new song that the group recorded before Jonghyun’s passing. The photo still in this post is from that portion of the show.

At the end of the concert, each member briefly shared particularly vulnerable thoughts about preparing for these shows, and discussed the role and memory of Jonghyun in their lives. Their comments also seem to reassure fans that the group plans to continue working together for the foreseeable future.

This concert makes plain that SHINee’s goal is not to prove that they can perform without Jonghyun. They are there to show that Jonghyun is still performing with them as far as they are concerned. They could have easily taken this tragedy to withdraw, to say “it’s all for naught.” They could have said, “it will be too hard to change the formations, to sing Jonghyun’s high notes, to perform the songs he wrote for us.”  They could have decided, “it’s too hard to face the fans.” They did none of that.

In some clips, microexpressions show their sadness and the conflict they undoubtedly must feel performing on stage so soon after Jonghyun’s death. They are still very much grieving. However, they are feeling these feelings and are doing what they love – for whom they love – *anyway.*

This concert falls during a time that is very challenging and disappointing lately for me as a professional. In watching these images and performances, I am trying to re-center and re-evaluate many things. I am so, so, very, very thankful for SHINee’s selfless example of fortitude, and that’s just the way it is.

UPDATE: The concert footage will be released for purchase in late June 2018!