#hurrayoftheday: 22

Earlier this month, Shira Peltzman summarized her collaborative work centering a qualitative study on the evolution of digital stewardship, particularly as it pertains to standards, organizational culture, and job expectations and satisfaction. The summary concludes with the following note:

We are indebted especially to Kaetrena Davis Kendrick for her use and clear explanation of the phenomenological research methodology in “The Low Morale Experience of Academic Librarians” (2017)[5] — a pivotal precedent in our research development. And while they must remain anonymous, we wish to express our sincerest gratitude to our interview participants for the time, labor, and candor that they contributed to this education. We hope that our report can do justice to their clear insights into making digital preservation work well.

I wish the group well as they delve into aspects of advocacy for those involved in digital preservation and associated work, and I look forward to reading the complete report.



#hurrayoftheday: 21

First thing this morning, I received the following message from my Dean:

“…I am pleased to inform you that your Research and Productive Scholarship Grant application for a project entitled “Continuing Studies on Low Morale in the North American Workplace” has been awarded ….”

My proposal requested funding to support data collection and analysis for my current low morale studies focusing on public librarians and business and nonprofit organization employees.

I am thankful that my dean continues to offer this line of funding, and I appreciate the hard work of the committee members who had, no doubt, a tough time evaluating the submitted proposals.

NOTE: this is the second time I have applied for – and obtained – funding from this award (this was the result of the first grant).




  1. Blue*
  2. Your Scent
  3. Under the Starlight
  4. Sign
  5. Illusion
  6. Shine on You
  7. Timepiece

*Title track

Note: Onew (Lee Jin-ki) is the leader of and main vocal for the group SHINee. Voice is Onew’s first solo album, which he released as a gift to fans before his mandatory military service in South Korea (Republic of Korea). Onew is scheduled to enlist with ROK’s Military Manpower Administration on December 10, 2018.

I Made A Thing: 9




It’s the end of year holiday season, so I made another wreath for my dining room. I tried a new method for the fabric. It’s a method I wanted to use from the first time I tried wreath-making, and it was a fluke that I figured it out!

#Recognize: Annie Pho, MLS


Annie Pho is Team Lead for Research Assistance / Inquiry and Instruction Librarian at the University of California, Los Angeles. She earned her MLS from Indiana University – Purdue University of Indianapolis. In her role, she leads librarians as they offer and implement research assistance initiatives on campus and within the UCLA library system. She also has oversight of Powell Library’s peer-to-peer services, a group that includes undergraduate and MLIS who provide research help to library users. Ms. Pho  also manages a student peer-writing and research help service for those who need assistance in first-year courses.

Complete the following sentence: “I am a librarian because….”

I love fostering student’s curiosity and learning about what they are researching. I feel like I learn something new every day, and that makes me feel engaged with the work that I do as a librarian.

Share a useful tool or application that you use in your work or non-work life.

I have been enjoying using Canva to make handouts and slides, as well as Slide Carnival, which provides free slide templates!

Describe a current project or idea that you’re working on or have recently completed.

Recently, a team of librarians at UCLA worked together to create a three-pronged approach to a student training curriculum for the students who provide research help at all of our locations. We wanted to ensure that all of the students received fundamental training which would ensure their success in their positions. We created online modules, weekly in-person training sessions, and student supervisors at the various locations also did localized training. Something on this scale had not previously existed, so it was really great to make sure all of the students had the same level of training despite being hired into different locations. I certainly learned a lot through this process!

Share a book that you’re currently reading, have recently read, or would like to read.

I’m currently reading The Leavers by Lisa Ko, which is about a young Chinese American man who was adopted at an early age by white parents and his search for identity and reconciliation. What I’d like to read next is White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo before ALA Midwinter where she is speaking as part of the ALA President’s program!

Finish this sentence: “One way the LIS profession can improve or progress is…”

To actively listen to the perspectives and narratives of librarians of color. In order to improve or make progress, we need to first understand what the issues are.



Lived Experience of Academic Librarians of Color

Authors: Juleah Swanson, Azusa Tanaka, & Isabel Gonzalez-Smith

ABSTRACT:  Lived experience encompasses the perceptions, feelings, and context of an individual’s human experience. Researching lived experience can be a way of understanding identity, emotions, perceptions, and contexts to develop a more thoughtful understanding of human experience. This research explores the following questions: what are the lived experiences of people of color who work as academic librarians in the profession; what are the contexts of their experiences; and how do these librarians see themselves? Through qualitative research using a phenomenological approach, this research reveals the complex, nuanced, and varied lived experiences of academic librarians of color navigating a predominantly white profession.

Read article.